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Tired of generic vocals that just don't cut it? 

Elevate your tracks with royalty-free, expertly crafted acapella vocals


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  1. Royalty-Free Samples: No need to worry about copyright issues – these samples are yours to use and profit from. 
  2. Wet and Dry Stems: Enjoy the flexibility of working with both wet (with effects) and dry (without effects) vocal stems. 
  3. No Fluff, Real Song Components: Get full access to high-quality leads, harmonies, and more, without any unnecessary filler. 
  4. Easy Purchase Options: Buy the entire pack or smaller sets, depending on your needs.
  5. No risk guarantee: The only no-risk guarantee in the business. 


Why Do Producers Love It?

"LaMay's voice is truly enchanting and fits perfectly with house and soulful."                                                     DJ Ricky Montana (Italy)

" I just love it!"Monsieur Van Pratt (Mexico)

"AMAZING vocals! Her range and tone are so on point."  Carrera UK

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Disco Sessions Sample Pack

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INCLUDED: FREE E-Book! All (73) LaMay-zing vocal stems Wet AND Dry Key: C-Minor 117 BPM 24Bit 44.1KHZ

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Disco Sessions Sample Pack
1-on-1 Coaching Call
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